University of Newcastle / University of New England Targeted Observation Tool.

Use this form to document any feedback you have had from a supervisor.  Once complete an email will go to you, your assessor and the JMP.


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Supervisor Information (for verification purposes)

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Performs appropriate targeted investigation
Plans appropriate investigations
Understands the significance of abnormal results
Proposes a management plan
Communicates findings and/or plan empathically to patient and family
Conveys these findings to the wider team members
Records (as permitted by LHD) the above and seeks review and/or assistance as needed
Responds when requested (with JMO)
Observes, recognises sick patient
Identifies basis of concern (eg observations not between flags)
Participates in ‘synthesis’ of patient problem
Assists with initiation of management
Assists, follows local protocol (e.g sepsis pathway)
Able to communicate to the wider team members
Able to record the above and seeks review and/or assistance as needed
Identifies self
Situation - clinical issue described
Background – relevant background information provided
Assessment—relevant findings synthesized
Recommendation – clear request stated or recommendation on treatment
Demonstrates synthesis of the scenario
Requests assistance/review/follow-up/hands over care
Documents the above in eMR (if permitted by LHD)

Student Complete this Section

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