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Year 4 Medicine Syllabus

A topic by topic and week by week experiential and revision guide to ensure that you cover the key knowledge, skill and attitudinal requirements.

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Topic Based Weekly Syllabus

Select the Week you are engaged with and find out what you should be reviewing.

This is the Year 4 part of the phase 3 learning framework proposed by the discipline of medicine. It details the knowledge and understanding of the basic biomedical and clinical science to be applied by medical students to the diagnosis, management and prevention of those conditions commonly or urgently treated by specialist physicians.

The topics in this framework build upon your learning from phase 1 and phase 2. The aim of Phase 3 is to consolidate your knowledge within the context of clinical medicine. Teaching will be embedded within your clinical placement to allow the application of your knowledge to medical practice.

Placements in clinical settings include learning opportunities during ward rounds, clinics, procedural labs and departmental meetings.  Learning opportunities within the placement should focus on knowledge-based learning, clinical practice, professional skills and understanding of health systems, society and the environment.

Learning points within a Topic can also be achieved across multiple weeks, across the whole rotation, and revised or expanded on across the year.

Self-directed learning can be focussed by week across the course depending on the requirements of your placement.

Week 1:            Topic 1- Cardiovascular and Respiratory medicine

Week 2:            Topic 2- Gastroenterology and Renal medicine

Week 3:            Topic 3- Neurology, Endocrinology and Diabetes

Week 4:            Topic 4-Rheumatology and Dermatology

Week 5:            Topic 5- Infectious disease, microbiology, immunology, sexual health

Week 5:            Topic 6- Acute medicine, therapeutics, older person’s health, medical genetics and palliative care medicine

Week 6:            Topic 7- Oncology and Haematology

Links have been provided to quality learning resources to allow efficient use of your time.

The additional resources are meant to broaden your understanding of the topics and are not intended as learning points.

Supplementary Resources

Online supplemental resources have been provided to support your learning during the pause to clinical placement. This includes tutorials, patient stories, learning modules and clinical cases. These resources should be used in conjunction with other reliable sources such as the eTG and NPS to address the learning objectives. The ‘Challenge yourself’ topics are intended to be challenging and present a case report followed by an insight into diagnosis, investigations and management. These cases, or the links to patient stories, may be used as a basis for the Case-based learning tutorials.

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