• Despite conservative treatment, Mr. Cooke continued to experience pain including neuropathic pain down the back of his right leg.
  • Mr Cooke undertook surgery.  He had expected that surgery would take away his pain and enable him to regain an active lifestyle.
  • After surgery, he no longer had the debilitating pain down the back of his leg.
  • But he was still getting back pain. He thought that as more time passed after the surgery it would get better.

But it didn’t.

Mr Cooke’s GP referred him for physiotherapy.

The physiotherapist prescribed an exercise program.

Mr Cooke said he had too much pain to exercise.

  • Mr Cooke’s GP recommended “Panadol Osteo” 665mg, two tablets three times per day, and a gradual start to exercise.
  • Mr Cooke took the paracetamol but didn’t start the exercise program.
  • After a few weeks, Mr Cooke’s wife came with him to see the GP.
  • She said he had become irritable at home, was missing a day of work most weeks because of pain, and it distressed her and their son to see him in so much pain.
  • Mr Cooke’s wife thought it would help to have a change of scenery, and organised a family holiday a couple of hours drive away.
  • On arrival, he was in such acute pain that they found a local GP.
  • Mr Cooke was prescribed Tramadol and told to see his regular GP once he was back home.

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