Getting to Hospital

There are often many pathways in which a person can be referred for assessment. Under the NSW Mental Health Act, the following persons are authorised to refer someone for assessment:

  • ambulance officers
  • police officers
  • magistrate and judges
  • medical practitioners
  • accredited persons

A person may also be detained on the written request of a designated carer, principal care provider, relative or friend.

In NSW in all cases these referrals require the person to be taken to the nearest "declared mental health facility" for further review.

What is sometimes confusing is that the person may actually already be at the nearest facility but still require a referral (filling in a form). For example, a person may have been brought hospital unconscious after an overdose and upon wakening reveal suicidal thinking. In this case, a medical officer normally completes what is commonly referred to as a "Schedule" or Section 19 form.

Watch the video by the HNE trainees with some tips on scheduling a patient.

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