Debating Instructions

You will be allocated to one of 2 groups to debate the topic:

"That Risk Assessment Is An Important Tool In Psychiatry"

Debate Rules

Your side is permitted 3 speakers.

The affirmative side will commence the debate.

For each side:

  • The First Speaker should introduce and define the topic and outline his/her sides main arguments. As well as present some arguments themselves.
  • The Second Speaker should present the majority of her/his sides arguments.
  • The Third Speaker should focus on summarizing their sides arguments as well as rebuttal of the other sides arguments.

Each speaker has 4 minutes to present.

Group Tasks

Each group should coordinate before the debate an allocate members to appropriate roles, suggested roles are:

  • researcher
  • writer
  • presenter

You are permitted to use any resources that you feel are helpful in researching your arguments.


Each side will be scored as follows:

  • Clarity of Arguments /20
  • Presentation /20
  • Appropriate Use of Evidence /20
  • First Speaker Fulfilled Role /10
  • Second Speaker Fulfilled Role /10
  • Third Speaker Fulfilled Role /10
  • Entertainment /10